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This is a blog for all of us trying to expose our music brand, find and grow our audience, and make a life making music. We want to find out what really works in music marketing, and what has changed since last week, last month, and last year when we were doing the same thing!

I’ve spent my whole life writing, recording, and trying to get people to listen to my music. I’ve also worked for the last 25 years helping other artists, songwriters, and companies in multiple music genres try to do the very same thing. 

Now as I grow both my personal music brands, as well as the artists on our labels, we daily monitor metrics. I am watching the changes in how all the social media outlets work. I am a student of both music industry and music history (which of course are intertwined.) I talk weekly to people in all aspects of music, from production to duplication, from radio to publicity, from social media marketing to real road performing, and from the indie artist doing it all themselves to the top executives at the top record labels.

All of this information is ever-changing. What worked yesterday, doesn’t work today. The way we make a living in music may be completely different in ten years...or ten days. It’s that volatile. 

Thats the purpose of this blog and brand: To monitor and get real world data from real work people inside and outside the music industry. We do it anyway, so why not report on it?

We’re all music business minded. Because if we’re not, we may be out of the music business quickly.

I invite your opinion, whether you are an indie musician, artist, or songwriter just starting out, or you are a thirty year veteran. We will be doing polls like the one we just released. We will be using a Facebook GROUP for feedback instead of a Page. We encourage conversation, thoughts, ideas on how you see things from your end. 

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